Café Royal In The News

Centurion , March 2014
No place in London swings quite like Cafe Royal. Set in the heart of the West End a few steps from Piccadilly, the hotel has unimpeachable provenance guests: over the course of it's nearly 150-year history.
Departures, March 2014
Located in the heart of London's shopping and theater district, on Regent Street, just off Piccadilly, Cafe Royal has been a part of London life since 1865, when it was a restaurant.
Mayfair Magazine , February 2014
Akasha may be Piccadilly Circus' best-kept secret - until now at least.
Vantage, February 2014
The most immediately impressive thing about the Akasha Spa at the Cafe Royal hotel is the pool.
Harpers Bazaar, February 2014
The legendary Grill Room – frequented over the years by Whistler, Oscar Wilde, Elizabeth Taylor and David Bowie, with a beautiful floor-to-ceiling mirror and gilded ceilings – is the place to enjoy a glass of champagne
Elle,Sweden , February 2014
Akasha included a round-up of best spas.
Art Travel, January 2014
Mythical….The Café Royal in London reopens its doors and inaugurates contemporary spaces in a historical environment along with a brand new spa, large and chic.
The Avenue, January 2014
Following a sophisticated renovation by David Chipperfield that elegantly blends together three landmarked buildings on Regent Street, Café Royal has just celebrated its first year as one of the world’s most exclusive addresses.
Gate to Travel, December 2013
Gate to Travel magazine
Marie Claire, December 2013
We love the oh-so-Oscar –Wilde absinthe fountain at the Café Royal bar