akasha holistic wellbeing centre at hotel cafe royal
akasha holistic wellbeing centre at hotel cafe royal

Wellbeing Specialists

Our Spa Specialists include a host of external wellness experts, who are available for private consultations for members and guests, to complement the existing holistic wellbeing offering.

Louka Leppard: Tulayoga and Meditation in Touch Specialist akasha holistic wellbeing centre hotel cafe royal londonExpand

Louka Leppard: Tulayoga and Meditation in Touch Specialist

Louka’s experience in the field of bodywork spans over 20 years during which time he has created two meditative practices of his own, Tulayoga and Meditation in Touch. Focusing on timing, rhythm, melody and movement, the treatments bring together aspects of understanding and practice from yoga, acrobatics and meditation. Whilst floating and being held by Louka in 22 different postures, the body’s heart rate and blood pressure lowers, mobility is increased, the spine is lengthened and a natural alignment is encouraged. The combination of floating whilst being balanced and moved through space allows all sense of responsibility, direction, dimension, and notion of time to be freed, and for many people it is a unique and timeless experience.

Helena Eflerová: Aquatic Bodywork & Aquatic Bodywaves practitioner

Helena Eflerová is a dedicated professional, certified Aquatic Bodywork and Aquatic Bodywaves practitioner, and Aqua Sensory swimming teacher, and a founder of HE AQUATICS. Her approach to Aquatic Bodywork is rooted in Poetry in Water by Steve Karle – Craniosacral Therapy and Watsu as well as incorporating elements of dance, breath-work and underwater submersions. Her sessions are person-centred led, improvised, following the organic choreography of the body in the water. She has a proven track record of providing the Aquatic Bodywork, Floatation Therapy, Aquatic Contact Improvisation Dance at leading spa centres, hotels, charities and schools. With her Live Art, Durational Performance and Aquatic Contact Improvisation Dance 18 years experience, she has developed the sensitivity to listen, connect and open up people on a deeper level. 


Dogan Yildiz: Personal Trainer

Dogan is a karate champion, health coach, group fitness instructor, weight loss consultant and motivator who has helped many people to live a better life through exercise, nutrition, a healthy diet, fitness and lifestyle guidance that are highly effective. Dogan began his training with Boxing, Karate and Judo at a very young age. Throughout his fighting career he achieved the Japanese Black Belt Master’s Degree, was awarded with several Gold medals and was a part of the National Karate Team. In 2007 he started working as a Personal Trainer in several selected and exclusive gyms around Germany. Dogan holds the top German and British qualifications in the Personal Training.



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