akasha holistic wellbeing centre at hotel cafe royal
akasha holistic wellbeing centre at hotel cafe royal

Wellbeing Specialists

Our Spa Specialists include a host of external wellness experts, who are available for private consultations for members and guests, to complement the existing holistic wellbeing offering.

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Bernice Robinson: Holistic Reiki Master & Crystal Healer

Specialising in Reiki and crystal healing, Bernice harnesses her natural healing ability and intuitive expertise along with the powers of crystals to take you on a journey of complete deep relaxation and rejuvenation.  Reiki, with crystals, result in a pure natural sense of wellbeing for your mind, body and soul as you drift into a deeper state of relaxation where all tensions escape and calm is restored to the root and sacral chakra. From a young age Bernice had been fascinated by crystals and their powerful healing ability: Later she began to study the effects of how they drew upon energies that were relevant to the balance and wellbeing of the body. Having studied advanced Reiki techniques, combined with traveling globally and researching healing practices of ancient cultures, her experience of over twelve years has culminated in a 2016 BABTAC Award nomination for 'Holistic Therapist of the Year,' and 'Specialist Therapist of the Year'.

Bernice recenly qualified as a cancer touch therapist and offers bespoke treatments from gentle soothing stroke massages to pre or post treatment clients to hands-off Reiki to bone cancer clients.

James Hardy: Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach

James is a leading Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Consultant in the UK as well as the founder of one of the largest networks of quality personal trainers, LiveFit and has been training since 2002. He has some of the top qualifications in the industry, specialising in ‘Athletic Ideal’ training, which takes novices through the gears in 8 weeks to achieve a level of finely tuned athletic weight training perfectly matching their individual challenges. James uses positive psychology techniques to encourage healthy attitudes, lowered stress and a deeper connection with the body.

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Sinéad de Hora: Intuitive Counsellor

Based on her power of intuition, Sinéad can gain a clear understanding of her client's concerns along with creating a deep emotional connection with them, which she uses to tailor-make a specific treatment. While no two treatments are ever the same, they all follow a natural structure that flows from one focus to the next. Sinéad will start by reading a client’s energy, channelling her energy into theirs so that she can feel exactly what they are feeling on both an emotional and physical level. She will then determine her treatment based on each specific client. Targeted massage techniques, energy healing and a combination of alternative therapies will complement the treatment helping the client to instantly relax, realign with the inner self and identify with the positivity that Sinéad encourages. An experience with Sinéad helps rationalise thoughts, calms and provides effective coping strategies that Sinéad has seen through visions in order to balance and enhance her clients’ lives. Through over ten years of study, Sinéad has gained knowledge from multiple disciplines and incorporates them in her practice today, from studying Ayurveda Philosophy, Chinese Philosophy, Reiki, Reflexology, various therapeutic massage techniques and more.

Steve Karle: Aquatic Bodywork Specialist and Craniosacral Therapist

Steve is director of the British School of Aquatic Bodywork and founder of Poetry in Water® - a unique approach to movement and bodywork in warm water. After a thorough movement and postural assessment in water in which he assesses body type, movement style and structural needs, Steve guides clients into a floating position from which point he allows the body to “flow” - the water allowing fluid movements that wouldn’t be possible on land. In this way he is able to re-educate the muscle memory as well as work with issues that affect natural movement, such as holding patterns, emotional issues and trauma stored in the body. In working with the body he works on all aspects of the person.

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Louka Leppard: Tulayoga and Meditation in Touch Specialist

Louka’s experience in the field of bodywork spans over 20 years during which time he has created two meditative practices of his own, Tulayoga and Meditation in Touch. Focusing on timing, rhythm, melody and movement, the treatments bring together aspects of understanding and practice from yoga, acrobatics and meditation. Whilst floating and being held by Louka in 22 different postures, the body’s heart rate and blood pressure lowers, mobility is increased, the spine is lengthened and a natural alignment is encouraged. The combination of floating whilst being balanced and moved through space allows all sense of responsibility, direction, dimension, and notion of time to be freed, and for many people it is a unique and timeless experience.



Email: akasha@hotelcaferoyal.com
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7406 3360

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