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Electronic Music Meditation

Find that moment of peace that you have been yearning for.

For centuries meditation has been a beneficial practice for one’s holistic wellness and wellbeing. In today’s world, we are moving faster than ever and it is often a struggle to find a way to truly let go and focus. Belinda Matwali has found a unique way to pair electronic music through various stages of meditation in order to block out the noises of the world and to make that moment of peace yours. Experience this immersive class to slow-down and reconnect your mind and body.

Priced at £125 per person and includes 90 minute access to Akasha’s spa and gym facilities before or after the class.

Belinda Matwali

Belinda Matwali is a Spiritual Mentor and Meditation Guide. Matwali blends meditation, trauma informed psychotherapeutic approaches, subconscious reprogramming, astrology and nutrition into her work which includes mentoring others, creating courses and workshops for her Spiritual Nutrition® Meditation School and running Wellness Retreats. Matwali has a Bachelor of Science in Biology, Diploma in Nutritional Therapy, over 10 years of mediation training, including 2 teacher trainings with her Masters in India, completed 240hour Compassionate Inquiry Training with Dr Gabor Mate and well as 50-hour Yoga Nidra Teacher training with Jana Roemer and various astrology trainings over the last 10 years.

Belinda's Top Tips to Destress

Music: Your favourite music can help bring you into the present moment. When we listen to music it’s a portal to the now and has the power to relax us or create elevated emotions.

Breathwork: Our breath is one of the fastest ways we can change how we feel. When we focus on a long deep exhale it can help us to let go of the day, let go of old energy and also reduce the carbon dioxide load in the body, which is often a cause for us feeling tired.

Water: Water is an amazing energy and emotional cleanser, even just washing your hands and face after a long day can refresh you, or soak in a ritual bath filled with essential oils and magnesium salts for the ultimate relaxation.

Move: Shaking the body, dancing or exercising are all great for helping you destress after a long day – especially if your desk bound for most of the day. Energy often builds up inside of us when we are stressed at work and  releasing this energy with physical movement can make us feel so much better. Hit the gym or even get off the tube a station early and listen to a favourite song on the way home.

Meditate: There are many types of meditation, but at the end of the day we want to go for one that helps to release stress. Start with breathe of fire, where you rapidly exhale, and then go into long slow deep breathing as you scan your body. Any areas that feel extra tense breathe into and imagine the tension releasing with the exhale. As the body relaxes so will the mind. This kind of practices takes us into an alpha brainwave state that helps us to feel more relaxed and creative.