Best Rate Guarantee

Book direct with us and always receive the best rate, guaranteed!

When you book your room or suite directly with us on our website, you are always guaranteed to receive the best rate compared to external booking sites and travel agents. If you find a lower rate anywhere else and the rate is publically available, we guarantee that we will match that rate and provide you with a further 10% saving.


When you book your stay directly on our website you'll be guaranteed:

1. The lowest publically available rate

If you find a lower publically available rate we will match that rate and provide you with a further 10% saving. Submit a claim here.

2. Priority room upgrade and early check-in

Booking direct with us will give you ‘Priority Room Upgrade’ and ‘Priority Early Check-in’.

3. No hidden fees or charges

Booking direct with us means no nasty booking fees or charges added at the last-minute. All our rates shown are including VAT.

4. Great perks to enhance your stay

Booking directly with us means you will always receive complimentary Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and access to our spa facilities at Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre.

5. Flexible cancellation terms

Reservations can be cancelled or modified at the latest at 14:00 (local time at the hotel) one day prior to arrival free of charge.


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