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The Crown Jewels Experience

Offer available from: April 1st to October 1st 2023

This ultimate experience of luxury and exclusivity begins with a stay in the opulent two-bedroom Royal Suite at Hotel Café Royal. As dusk descends, the chauffeur driven limousine arrives on Regent Street to whisk you away for an exclusive after-hours visit to the Tower of London. A personal tour of the grounds led by one of the King’s Beefeaters, guards of the Tower, is followed by a Champagne reception and private viewing of the breath-taking Crown Jewels and Royal Collection at the Jewel House.

Treasures on display at the jewel house include the largest diamond in the world, the 17th century solid gold St Edward’s Crown and Sovereign’s Orb, used during coronations, and the 20th century Imperial State Crown. Following the private viewing, led by a royal expert, you will be chauffeur-driven back to the regal comfort of the Royal Suite. Breakfast, fit for a King, will be served by a personal butler, the next morning.

Hotel Café Royal partner with Linda Hugo of Beyond Curated, the exclusive tours agency, to deliver all their bespoke experiences.

From £12,995 Inc. VAT

Offer includes
  • An overnight stay in the two-bedroom Royal Suite
  • Breakfast, fit for a King, served in the Royal Suite
  • Travel to the Tower of London in chauffeur-driven limousine
  • A tour of the Tower grounds by one of the Yeoman Warders, a Beefeater
  • A Champagne reception and introduction to the Jewel House, followed by a private viewing of the Crown Jewels and Royal Collection