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The Art of Flowers with Jamie Aston

June 14, 2023

Bring the Chelsea Flower Show Home with Our Talented In-House Florist, Jamie Aston

As Chelsea Flower Show ushers in the vibrant month of May, it heralds a magnificent awakening of all things floral. After the long winter slumber and limited floral choices, May is truly magical. It is the time when gardens come alive, bursting with an array of captivating blooms.

Drawing inspiration from the finest displays at Chelsea Flower Show, Hotel Café Royal invites you to embark on a floral journey with renowned British florist, Jamie Aston. Together, we will unlock the secrets of a stunning flower bouquet design that encapsulates the essence of a Chelsea Garden.

Unveiling the Chelsea Flower Show-Inspired Bouquet:
At the heart of our Chelsea Flower Show-inspired bouquet lies the timeless beauty of peonies. Chelsea always showcases a captivating variety of these exquisite blooms, and we have embraced them abundantly in our bouquet. Combining peonies with roses, hydrangeas, stocks, and fragrant mint, we have created a symphony of colours and scents. This arrangement encapsulates the essence of an English garden, bringing its serene beauty and fragrant allure into your home.

Symbolic Meanings of the Flowers: Wealth, Honour, and Gratitude

Peonies hold significant symbolism in various cultures. In China and Japan, they are regarded as symbols of wealth, honour, and good fortune. Closer to home, peonies are associated with love and honour. Our choice of peachy orange roses adds a touch of gratitude and energy to the bouquet, creating a harmonious combination of meanings. Let these flowers fill your space with a sense of abundance, love, and appreciation.

Insider Tips for Decorating with Floral Elegance:
Turning your living room or dining table into an enchanting floral haven requires a touch of artistry and creativity. Here are some insider tips from Jamie Aston himself to help you achieve a captivating floral display:

Embrace Seasonal Flowers
Choose flowers that are in season, as they guarantee the highest quality and best value. Let the nature guide your choices and revel in the beauty of blooms that flourish during this time of year.

Mix and Match
Don’t be afraid to experiment and incorporate small-planted items alongside your cut flowers. This allows you to enjoy the plants beyond their decorative purpose and repurpose them throughout your home.

Create depth and visual interest by starting with a base layer of petals, t-light candles, or loose foliage. Select vases of different shapes and colours to complement the occasion. Arrange larger, show-stopping blooms closer to the table, and add smaller buds or foliage higher up. Crown the table with tall, tapered candles for a captivating centrepiece.

Add Vibrancy
Opt for coloured candles instead of white and match them with your napkins. Infuse your tablescape with a sense of joy and playfulness.

Tablescape Elegance
For a charming tablescape, gather small bunches of flowers and place a few stems in each vase. Opt for an array of bud vases in opaque or soft pink glass, creating an alluring mix of heights and shapes. Enhance the ambiance with tall pink and coral tapered candles in elegant glass candlesticks. Scatter a few petals or single rose heads on the tablecloth and sprinkle tealight candles for a truly captivating summer tableau.

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