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Summer in the City

July 10, 2024

Summer in the City

Summer in London is a season of vibrant culture, traditional sporting events, and delightful outdoor activities. At Hotel Cafe Royal, we invite you to immerse yourself in the magic of the city, enjoying everything from serene picnics in picturesque parks to exploring world-class art galleries and attending thrilling sporting events. Here’s how you can make the most of your summer stay with us.

Picnics and Parks

Embrace the charm of London’s green spaces with a delightful picnic. Pick up a delicious selection from Cakes & Bubbles or ask our Hotel Café Royal Room Service team to prepare a picnic basket filled with delicious treats and a chilled bottle of champagne to go. Regent’s Park (20 minute drive), with its romantic Regency-era character, offers a picturesque setting for a leisurely afternoon. Alternatively, stroll to St James’s Park (14 minute walk), the oldest Royal Park, located at the heart of ceremonial London, and enjoy the tranquil lakeside views and beautifully landscaped gardens. Other wonderful parks to visit include Hyde Park (20 minute walk) and Green Park (10 minute walk), each offering their own unique charm and serene landscapes perfect for a summer day.

Arts & Entertainment

Summer in London is the perfect time to explore the city’s rich art and design scene. Visit the Serpentine Gallery’s Summer Pavilion (19 minute drive), an architectural masterpiece designed by a renowned architect each year. Marvel at innovative structures, enjoy contemporary art exhibitions, and relax in Kensington Gardens. For music lovers, an unforgettable concert at Somerset House awaits just a 20 minute walk away from Hotel Café Royal. The Summer Series hosts a diverse lineup of artists in a stunning open-air courtyard. Enjoy live music in an intimate setting, with our concierge team securing tickets for a truly special experience. These cultural outings ensure that your summer in London is filled with inspiration and creativity.

London’s Cultural Gems

There is no better time to visit London’s top attractions than during the summer. Our concierge can arrange tickets to the Buckingham Palace Summer opening (July to September), where you can explore the lavish State Rooms and enjoy a refreshment in His Majesty’s Palace Garden. Many of London’s cultural gems are best enjoyed in the sunshine, allowing you to fully appreciate their excellent architecture. Wander through the historic streets and marvel at landmarks such as the Tower of London, Westminster Abbey, and the British Museum. Each location offers a glimpse into the rich history and heritage of this magnificent city all within an hour from Hotel Café Royal.

Traditional Sporting Events

Experience the thrill of summer sports in London with premier events. Held at the All England Club, Wimbledon is one of the most prestigious tennis tournaments in the world, where you can watch top players compete on the iconic grass courts. Alternatively, dive into the excitement of the Ashes Series, one of the oldest and most celebrated cricket rivalries, as England takes on Australia at venues like Lord’s Cricket Ground and The Oval (25 minute drive). Further afield, don your finest attire and take a chauffeur to Royal Ascot, Britain’s most famous horse racing event, renowned for its pageantry, fashion, and world-class racing.

Should it Rain!

British weather can be unpredictable, but this shouldn’t dampen your fun. Our concierge can recommend some wonderful local galleries, with the National Portrait Gallery just a 5-minute walk away. After your cultural exploration, why not retreat to Akasha, our luxurious spa and wellbeing haven, for a rejuvenating experience? Indulge in treatments designed to relax and refresh, ensuring that even a rainy day in London is filled with luxury and comfort.

Discover the magic of summer in London with Hotel Cafe Royal. Reserve your stay today and let us curate a bespoke itinerary that ensures your visit is filled with elegance, culture, and unforgettable moments.

To plan your perfect day, connect with our concierge team located just off the main lobby or email us here.

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